Just-iD Air

All terrain air detection system

“Alert before burs” when accident happened the lost might be more than you imagine

Air monitoring platform

Designed in Bangkok, Made in Thailand

“Incresing security for your house, condo, office and factory”

          Nowaday, dust, toxic fume, heat and air pollution are become more concern. these factors can damage both health and your asset. How better wouldit be if we have the device that can alert us. Therefore, our company designed Just iD Air for that.

Just-iD Air


for indoor


  • indoor installation : suitable for residence, office or factory

Just-iD Air


for outdoor


  • Outdoor installation : Suitable for measuring air quality


» 1. Air Quality measurement

measuring air quality

» 2. Auto Alarm for your highest safety

aleart for dust, smoke, temperature and humidity

» 3. Built in communication system

Just iD air device can automatically sending an alert to authorised person in case of emergency

Simple design Fast to setup.

3 steps setup:


»  1. Link Just iD Air with the wire

»  2. Register your Just iD device

»  3. Just iD air is ready to use

Alarm type:


»  Dust (PM2.5, PM1, PM10)
»  Smoke
»  Thermal
»  Humidity
»  CO2 (coming soon)

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