Device rental service

Just-iD Visitor (Full Functions)

More than just visitor tracking system
11 functions cover all usage

  • Rental fee 3000 thb/month
  • Minimum 1 year rent
  • We will replace your device a for better version every year
  • Device deposit 5000 THB on the starting date state as agreed in your contract
  • In any case of breaking contract device deposit will not be refunded
  • In any case of the fault caused, directly or indirectly, by user misuse, breakage or liquid spoilage, the user will be charged for the full price of the device.

Paying methods

  • E-billing will be sent to you at the end of calendar month. Payment shall be made not later than the fifth of the following month.


  • Pay for 11 months and get 1 month free

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