Just-iD Visitor Lite

Portable Visitor Management System (Lite)

A compact visitor management system. Built-in with the visitor management function, therefore, it’s suitable for the organisation that only want to keeping track of visitors who accessed to the area.

Just-iD Visitor Lite

Portable Visitor Management System (Lite)

Visitor information system
Photo ID chip reader
Cloud based Visitor management system that allows you to access realtime

The same as Just-iD basic full functions but without any additional personalised functions

 Just-iD Visitor (Full Functions)

Just-iD Visitor Lite

Portable Visitor Management System (Lite)


  • Photo ID chip reader
  • User friendly portable device
  • Real time data storage and access
  • Built in receipt printer QR code system
  • Checking the number of visitor
  • Supporting Voice to text information input
  • Built in camera
  • Visitor data checking
  • Mobile Application specifically built for Just-ID Visitor System
  • Mobile application with multi function that can accomodate all functions
  • All data can be exported to excel and PDF
  • Free application update. our team is continuously develop the application to ensure the best user experience.
  • Our dedicate support team who will be along side all of customer journey.
  • 24/7 support team
  • All of our devices are coming with built in GPS so the devices are trackable in case of lost or misplace
  • Incresing your security level with Just iD visitor system
  • Support Thai and English version
  • User friendly

Just-iD Visitor Lite

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What you will get when you purchase Just-iD Visitor

Just-iD Visitor Device1 Unit
Just-iD Visitor System1 System
Just-iD Cloud System7 Gb.
Sim card1 Year
Necklace1 Line
Thermal paper10 Rolls
Warranty1 Year
On Site service (Grater Bangkok))Twice
After sales service24 hours a day

Additional Fee (After the first year)

Cloud server1000 THB/ year
internet SIM cardContact the internet provider or using WIFi
service feeFree

Warranty Terms and conditions

  • 1 year warranty
  • After warranty has expired, we provide free substitute device during device repair (with fee) subtitude device during device repairation (with fee)
  • Just iD cloud server rental fee 1000 thb/year
  • The purchases will be delivered after 3-14 days (No delivery fee + Free On site set up support)

Terms and Conditions of warranty exclusion

  • If the fault was caused, directly or indirectly, by user misuse, breakage or liquid spoilage
  • Our team will assit youfor repairation and spare parts (wuth fee)

products for business

residences, condominiums and villages

Access card and visitor information system

Security services organizations

We provide the device rental service to increase competitive edge of your organisation.


Access card and visitor information system

Hotels & Resorts

Keeping the record of guests and also additional information such as guest preferences and blacklist

Company and office spaces

Access card system, visitor
and employees information system.

Event management

Keeping the record of event attendees – numbers and other information

Construction site

Employees’ records


Just-iD Visitor is for keeping the record of visitor

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