Just-iD Rule and Policy (PDPA)

Area notification system

Rule and Policy function (PDPA) 

Policy accept report

The system can collect information to fill in to make an acceptance of regulations in the area such as PDPA or announce privacy.

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After the security guard/Reception Record the inbound information of those who contact the area. People who come to contact will receive a slip.

สลิปแสดง QR-Code
Rule and Policy (PDPA) function

The contact can scan the QR-Code through their device immediately to acknowledge or not accept the safety regulations in the area.

When those who come to accept or not accept regulations
The system will collect data to report to the area administrator.

The person who accepted can take pictures of themselves. To confirm the identity of data transmission And there are options for the fielder to enter the email In order to receive a copy of all the information that was filled out by email

Creating a safety regulations in the area

In the backyard system through the website https://app.just-id.com/

Can choose to turn on/off Fields
Insert images, regulations, and safety regulations in the area To meet the needs

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