Just-iD Visitor
Health Pass

Health certification

Health Pass function

Check health certification information Or the vaccination information of those who come to contact

The system can scan the QR Code for checking the vaccination of the contact. From the doctor application and record it in Just-ID Cloud System to issue a convenient report to the area administrator. Reduce the spread of communicable diseases Increase safety for people in the area


“Increasing your potential to the global standard”

Example usage Just-iD Visitor Health Pass

With Just iD Visitor

Example usage  Just-iD Visitor Health Pass

Enter the application
Just-iD Visitor


When entering the application

Log in

With the user of the machine

    • Email
    • Password in the system




The syringe in the top right corner

To scan the QR Code of Health Pass
In the doctor’s application

When scanning the QR Code, the system will show


    • Name -surname
    • COVID-19 vaccination history

Add more information as needed.

The place can create options in advance in the backyard system.
For convenience and faster from the use of the machine


The system can take pictures as evidence of entry-out.

Print the slip when inserting the desired information.

*Just-ID VISITOR can print in the heat slip in itself.
For those who come to contact for the seal Or signatures from those who want to contact

Opening the QR Code Health Pass

Through the doctor’s application

Enter the doctor’s application.
In mobile phones

Select Digital Health Pass


When entering the Digital Health Pass menu
Will find the QR Code below

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