Just-iD Visitor


Visitor Stamp

Examples that are suitable for E-Stamp

Check the entrance to the areas of the Delivery from the E-Stamp. The residents confirm how many real destinations can be checked from the number of E-Stamp and the GPS position on the map.

Meeting people of each department Allowing the department staff to be able to E-Stamp many people when they contact the E-Stamp to confirm the meeting. To be able to check the date of the E-Stamp and note.

The encounter of people contacting each building, For example, the person who comes to contact building A must receive an e-Stamp from the juristic person. Security guards can check the actual meeting. From the Just-ID VISITOR page in the registration process

E-Stamp function
Visitor Stamp

E-Stamp replaces the use of a seal or signature.

Check the various areas of the contacts through the QR-Code scanning on the slip.
The system will confirm the meeting. And show the GPS pin

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The process of using  Just-iD Visitor

Together with the Just-iD Visitor E-Stamp 


Bring an ID card, driver’s license
For the security officer

Just-iD Visitor
Collect data from chips
ID card, driver’s license

Security guards. Inquire, and add more information.

Such as places/telephone numbers/note

*More information can be input Fields or create Drop Down List. Options to the location. In the backyard system

Take pictures as evidence of entering the area.

Return the card, and bring the slip that is printed out of
Just-iD Visitor to the contact

Who came to meet people, places

Bring the slip for the QR-Code scanner to confirm the meeting (E-Stamp) through the Just-iD One application.

*E-Stamp confirms the meeting Getting to the real meeting place Can take a picture as evidence


The security guards scan QR-Code to allow the area.

Just-iD Visitorshows inbound information.
Show the E-Stamp contacted.
• Contact location, GPS shows the scan position.

Customers/users Out of the area

Area contact information Can check in real time In the backyard system

People with the right to stamp must use E-Stamp.
Through the  Just-iD One application

Download the Just-iD One application.
Via Google Play, App Store

Application process Just-iD One

To use E-Stamp

E-Stamp setting in the backyard system

Through the website https://app.just-id.com/

Service > Visitor > E-Stamp

Confirm the meeting with E-Stamp.

Replace the use of stamps or signatures

E-Stamp display on  Just-iD Visitor

When the QR-Code scan is registered.

Report E-Stamp in the back system

Through the website https://app.just-id.com/

service > visitor > entrances

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